A camera allows me to delve into the lives of individuals… to see what drives them, to take a glimpse on their trade, to see their take on the world through their eyes… whether it be food, fashion, business, artistry, travel… their perspective instills in me a knowledge, a deeper understanding in one of the infinite number pleasures of the world, and hence become a wiser individual.

Over the years of self-teaching photography, I tailored my photos to a purely candid style of posing. Strict still posing is so bland and uninteresting to me. I want my  photos to carry an “in the moment” feel, capturing “that” moment whether it being the perfect, or the emotional or the hilarious. I create this by directing a situation where I let you be as if I was never there, then you let me worry about the rest.

I currently use the Canon system and have made a strong committment to using a fixed focal length or “Prime” lens approach in taking photos.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at my work and feel free to contact me for future collaborations!


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  1. Hi Ian – Love your pics on this website. I am getting married early next year. Wanted to see about a quote for a wedding and/or engagement pics. Marisa recommended you.
    Looking forward to hearing back,


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